American Airlines allows its passengers to select seats of their choice so that they can enjoy the trip satisfactorily as there are different types of seats possessing specific features so a passenger can select a seat of her choice and comfort. But if you don’t know the process and are looking to know how do I pick my seats on American Airlines, then you have arrived at the right article. Keep reading to know more about seat selection.

Process to select seat on American Airlines

You can pick your seat on the Airline while making bookings online. This way is convenient and can be accessed anywhere. All you require to possess is a better internet connection. Follow the given steps to select the seat.

Search the American Airlines official site

At the top header of the homepage, click on the Manage Booking option

Enter all the asked details as your first name, last name, and your confirmation number

Now proceed

Here the details of bookings will appear

Go to seat selection and choose your seat of choice

Click on submit

you will get a confirmation email.

Other Methods of seat selection with American Airlines

Apart from this online method, there are other methods too to make American Airlines seat selection. Here are the processes given, which you can use as per your convenience.

Make a Phone Call:– A passenger can contact the customer care team of the Airline to select a seat. You will need to talk with one of the live agents of the support team to get help in the seat selection process. The agent connects after the follow the given IVR instructions:

Press 0 to choose the language

Press 1 to register new bookings

Press 2 to know the flight status

Press 3 to change your bookings

Or you can press * to connect with one of the live agents of American Airlines, who will assist you in the seat selection process.

Through Kiosk:– You can reach the airport, and there is a machine that is placed there for self-help. You can access it with your details and book a seat on your own. So you can easily make seat selection of your own choice. Pay the fee if it demands.

On the airport:– You can either ask the booking agent at the airport if you need to select a particular seat for your journey. Follow the steps to know the process exactly.

Arrive at the functional airport of American Airlines

Go to the booking window

Tell the agent that you want to make a seat selection

You will have to tell the details to the agent

Or you may be asked to fill a form with your flight booking details

Submit the form at the booking desk

your seat will be confirmed soon

What is the cost of seat selection on American Airlines?

Well, the cost of seat selection depends upon the type of seat you will be choosing. It could be costlier or pocket friendly, but in general, the American Airlines seat selection fee starts from US$ 9 and may go up for high-class seats.


For more information, you are suggested to visit the original site of American Airlines. Also, you can contact the customer assisting the team of the Airline that will assist you in other topics related to your itinerary.

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