As rightly predicted by Antoni Gaudí, the Sagrada Família would attract a lot of international interest. Now over a century later, people from all over the world come and visit this architectural marvel and the figures confirm it. In recent years, the Temple has welcomed more than four million visitors every year. Around twenty million just visit to have a look at the temple from the outside. These figures have made the Sagrada Família the most popular and visited monument of 2019 in Spain. The Sagrada Família is on the list of tourists around the globe after the Louvre in Paris, Colosseum in Rome, and the Vatican Museums.

If you are among those who are planning a trip to Barcelona in Spain then the Basílica de la Sagrada Familia should be on your list. Below we are going to take a look at a few of the best reasons that make the Sagrada Familia a must visit destination. Let’s get started!

  • Great Piece of Architecture

The Sagrada Família is one of the most forceful architectural displays representing a specific and tumultuous time in history when the Western world and Barcelona were transformed during the turn of the 20th century. This expressive architecture was created by Antoni Gaudí and definitely had its sights set on the future. In today’s time, the Basilica has established a firm place as an extraordinary specimen of magnificent architecture, and the perfect example of how artistic expression, the technical expertise, and calculations are making it possible to serve the purpose and uses of the building, which is to spread the message of Christian faith.

  • A Genius’s Masterpiece

At the time when Gaudí began construction of the Sagrada Família, his work wasn’t much appreciated from an architectural or artistic standpoint. It was only after a number of years he got the appreciation and recognition that he deserved. The magnificent work done by Gaudí has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage. The crypt of the Sagrada Família was added in the year 2005. Gaudí integrated all the different types of arts that are part of the architecture, ranging from structural mechanics down to the tiniest symbolic or functional detail, into this amazing work. Also, as Gaudí spent most of his time and career as an architect on the Sagrada Família, it showcases most of his strokes of brilliance from various other projects.

  • Temple Still in Construction

Cathedrals all over the world have taken a long time to build, in some cases hundreds of years. The construction of the Sagrada Família started in the late 19th century and continued in the 20th century, making it an exceptional case. Every cathedral has its history and specific reasons why it took so long to build. In most cases, it is due to a lack of donations or funds. In the case of Sagrada Família, however, the construction process is still ongoing. Although over the years, the pace of the work has changed. Years, the work only stopped completely during the Spanish Civil War from 1936-to 1939, and in recent years over a century, due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

  • Experience Combination of Tradition and Innovation

The Sagrada Família enables a person to witness both tradition and innovation all at once. As an example, the central towers of the Sagrada Família that posed a great constructive challenge were finished in under five years. While the stones that were used for making them have the artisan touch of the stonemasons. If we take a look at the technological side of the Sagrada Família, it is made by using materials like duplex steel. This is a type of stainless steel that is quite resistant to corrosion and provides better mechanical strength and includes techniques like mechanical stone-cutting. However, it implements a few things that are needed for safety and to create a perfect combination between construction and tourism.

  • Witness Spirituality

Before 2010, the exuberant exterior of Sagrada Família attracted a plethora of visitors. The architecture-cum-sculpture is what made tourists come to visit this amazing structure and word of mouth spread to millions of other people. Once the Sagrada Família opened its interior space in 2010, a huge number of pilgrims, worshippers, and visitors came to visit. The forest of branches and inclined trunks that hold up the vaults with openings lets the light stream in. Its amazing height, proportions, and brilliant play of light and colors from the stained-glass windows is the reason for making it a unique building. All these things combined make the Sagrada Família a space full of spirituality that captivates and truly enthralls a person.

Final Thoughts

All the above mentioned points will persuade you to visit the Sagrada Família. So, the next time you are in Barcelona, you should definitely visit it.

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