It is often anxiety for first-time travellers to think about the experience they would be going into. So rather than worrying about the same, preparing yourself ahead of time is better.

In this post, let’s look at some of the best tips you must prepare for a comfortable and easy first flight.

1. Feeling nervous is normal

You might feel a bit overwhelmed before boarding your first flight, but let me tell you that it’s completely normal. Even some travellers who frequently travel on flights still feel nervous. So get over it, and rather than investing your time thinking about it, make a pre-plan of the things you would like to take with you.

You can also talk to your fellow friends about their first flight experiences and whether they also felt nervous or excited about their first flight. Before boarding your first flight, you can gain insights from your near and dear ones.

2. Keep a check on the best flight offers.

There are countless flight offers on online portals, and choosing the best among them is generally tiresome. But it doesn’t have to be that way. There are some great verified portals where you can get the best deals and an overall smooth flight booking experience.

3. Keep your e-tickets and important documents ready.

Before boarding your first flight, be ready with all your e-tickets, print-out materials, and visa because the last minute hurrying up for the same might mess up your first flight experience. If needed, you can download your airline app for a handy experience, with all your details in the app itself.

4. Carry medication, cash, and other precious items in your backpack or hand baggage

Don’t make the mistake of putting medicines, cash, or any other valuables in your luggage. Otherwise, you might find them when you need them, only to know that you have wasted a lot of your time. Keep all of them handy, and carry them in your hand baggage for easy use whenever necessary.

5. Get Organized

For first-time travellers, it is easy to get carried away with many options and suggestions. You need to be organized with your plan to avoid getting confused and getting mixed up with all of that. How much luggage do you want to take with you, how many clothes are necessary, and whether to go for snacks or not? Make a plan for everything before boarding your first flight. Also, carry all the related items in one place, and if possible, you can put them in different bags to stay organized.

6. Wear comfortables clothes

The climate conditions inside the aeroplane cabin sometimes vary depending on various factors. So wearing an item of comfortable clothing is essential to have a cosy experience on the flight, especially for first-time travellers. You can choose a mix of style and comfort to suit your way.

7. Lounge your way

Instead of just killing your time at the gate, you can enjoy free Wi-Fi and snacks at the lounge (waiting area). Several sites post reviews on airport lounges across the globe, including their entry pass criteria and how one can score day passes. Several NBFCs offer access to a number of priority pass lounges worldwide. For frequent travellers, there are multiple options to get into a specific carrier’s club. The agents in them can speed up the process, compared to those out in the terminal, and can get the tickets rebooked if something goes wrong with your travel plans.

8. Be ready for the airport security checkpoints.

The airport security checkpoint is one of the most daunting parts of the flight journey that even the most experienced travellers have to deal with. The security checks consist of all your luggage and your personal belongings that you have carried, including wallets, smartphones, laptops, etc., to go through the detectors. Although it’s not much of a mess, be ready to get through the checks and have a comfortable flight journey later.

9. Choose your seat smartly.

Just as you want your first flight experience to be fantastic, selecting your seats smartly is important. Because one bad decision can make your whole flight journey frustrating, to ensure it doesn’t happen, go for the seat that lets you catch amazing views of the outside, i.e. window seat or the one where you can comfortably stretch your legs.

For short flights, it is best to choose the window seat. For longer flights, the aisle seats are the best. The aisle seats comfortably stretch your legs or when you need to use the bathroom.

Lastly, wait a while to reach your destination and share your superb first-flight experience with your friends!

Happy first-flight journey!!

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